Beoordelingen Landgoed Twistvliet

Slechtste service ooit
3 Cijfer 3 van 10 punten.3333

Bezoekdatum: juli 2014

Datum beoordeling: 2 augustus 2014

Reisgezelschap: gezin

Absolutely disappointing from the missing of a normal welcome until the technical state of the cottage. All need 100% more attention. Cottages are poorly maintained and leak all around and the garden around is just a mess with branches of needle plants hurting you as you walk through. The owner is lacking interest in his guests and therefore nothing is prepared for your arrival. We had to gather our own towels and blankets/sheets. Also the ordered baby bed was not in place and had to be collected somewhere on the premises. Some lights didn't work and the doorsills were very low causing multiple head bumps. We will never visit this place again. The area is of course very beautiful and the park itself has a lot of potency but as long as nobody cares it will never lift off the ground I guess.

Beoordeling gegeven door Jeroen.